How To Earn Money While Lounging Back At Home

Many students and people who can’t leave their houses are looking for ways that they can earn money without going out for a 9 to 5 job. Thanks to the evolving world all around us there are now many ways that you can earn money while you sit back at home. These types of things are particularly useful for students who don’t have enough time on their hands to go looking for proper jobs and housewives who have some time on their hand between the busy routines and want to earn an extra buck in that time. Though these are just some of the techniques, there are many ways that you can earn money in your own way. So without further ado, here are some of the ways that you can earn money without leaving your house:

1. Sell Airline Miles

If you are someone who has travelled a lot … Read More

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Understanding Pruvit: Can You Really Make Money With Pruvit?

Pruvit was first registered in 2013 and offers a product line designed to help your body reach ketosis, giving you the ability to lose up to one pound per day, raise your IQ, and increase your energy. In addition to offering a product in which help your body enter ketosis, Pruvit also offers a business or income opportunity giving you the ability to make money from home marketing their product and company. First, what is ketosis exactly? Simply put, Ketosis is a condition your body is able to enter allowing you to burn fat rapidly and increases your metabolism. However, can you really make money marketing Pruvit’s company or their product?

The Thing: Most companies similar to Pruvit have a wide variety of products and many of them. However, Pruvit has only one product. They have based their entire company around this product and have scientifically worked to design this … Read More

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What Do Tourists Spend Their Money For?

The chase for live emotions and impressions is the main item of expenditure for travelers. This is proved by the results of a research of a tourist auditory, during which 5 916 people have answered the question: “On what do you mainly spend your money during the trip?”

36% of the respondents have answered that the significant part of the finances assigned for the period of traveling is spent for paying for excursions and other cognitive events. Tourists are ready to spend actively their savings abroad, if only there are lively unforgettable recollections left in their memory.

The second in the list of popular expenses is entertainment. 27% of tourists prefer spending their money on the places of entertainment and bright night-life.

24.9% of the holiday-makers set apart the major part of their monetary means for shopping and purchasing of souvenirs. Women have chosen this variant 3.6 times more often … Read More

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Understanding Organo Gold: Can You Really Make Money With Organo Gold?

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold offers beverages and supplements that are nutritional, simple, and delicious. Products are mainly coffee and tea related. They focus almost all of their products around an ingredient known as Ganoderma. What Ganoderma is supposed to do is build a strong and healthy body while increasing life expectancy. In addition to products that contain Ganoderma, they also offer a business or income opportunity for those that have an interest in sharing their products with others. However, can you really make a legitimate income with Organo Gold’s opportunity?

The Thing: As mentioned before, Organo Gold offers beverages and supplements containing Ganoderma. I will explain a few of these products along with the benefits of each along with the price when available. Two of the products will be beverage related and one will be supplement related.

1. Premium Gourmet Organic King of Coffee – This $46.50 box of … Read More

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Will a Hard Money Loan Save My Business?

When you put the terms hard and money together you think that it is something that will not be easy to get. Hard money is normally money that is required when things are in dire straights. These are primarily used for commercial properties. There are risks with all loans. That is why it is important to properly research your home or commercial property loans when you need them.

There have been times where, based on credit, we could not qualify for any loans for any type of property. A hard money loan is not necessarily based on credit. The collateral that we would use for this type of loan is the property. This money is normally fronted by investors and not banks. One of the big differences between banks and investors is that investors already have in mind the amount of money they need to make the deal worthwhile. Don’t … Read More

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How to Make Money in the Ghetto Fast With No Investment

I was looking for ways to make money in my neighborhood, but all of the ideas I found online wouldn’t work where I live. I needed to know how to make money in the ghetto, not in rich neighborhoods where you can find people who will pay you $20 an hour to walk their dogs!

Finally I realized that no matter how much research I did I wasn’t going to find anything. It was up to me to figure it out. After taking a look around, I realized there were ways to make money all around – even in the ghetto.

The first thing I realized is that even people who don’t have a ton of money are willing to invest in their kids’ futures. Obviously the poorer neighborhoods have worse schools than the more affluent ones so my first course of action was to offer tutoring services to people’s … Read More

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Why Money Is Failing

Anything invented by man has a short life before it fades away, and money is no exception. Invented for trade and then the wealth of those who made it their god they become so attached that it occupies their mind constantly. That means they have no room for listening to the Spirit voice within them, and they suffer the consequences. As their wealth grows many die horrible deaths from incurable diseases, suicide, or other.

The world’s economic future is now dire as manipulation of currencies and such take priorities. Wars are about money and power and we are rapidly coming to a major confrontation that will see the planet change as never before.

Already with climate change, scarcity of water, draught, famine, disease, and other things mounting pressure on countries and their economy the last thing it required was a war on trade. How will that play out in the … Read More

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How to Be Classy and Elegant Without Money

You don’t have to be well dressed or have a lot of money to look and be classy. Class is what comes from the inside. It is your actions, reactions, facial expressions, ability to take a compliment, decline an invitation and overall how you carry yourself in life. I’ve met many women that are brash, rough around the edges and often just downright rude and not ‘lady-like’. On the other hand I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many women who are polite, kind, helpful, are respectful of others, have pleasant facial expressions and certainly do know how to accept a compliment. These rare breeds of women simply make the decision to be classy, with or without money. In my observations and own personal upbringing this is what I have learned…

1. SMILE! Smiling creates a more pleasant environment for those around you and keeps your spirits up too, no matter … Read More

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Car Insurance Costs Are Cut, But It’s Not Good News for Everyone

The seemingly never-ending rise in car insurance prices could be coming to a screeching stop thanks to proposed government changes.

New proposals will see a huge U-turn on the rate at which payouts for victims of serious accidents is calculated which is known as the Ogden rate.

The Ogden rate is set to be changed as soon as next year in a bid to provide a “fairer” system.

How does the Ogden rate work?

Set by the government, the Ogden rate is the amount awarded to victims with life-changing injuries after an accident.

The rate had been set at 2.5% which meant that for every £1,000 awarded to a victim in a claim, the insurer would pay out £975 – with the other 2.5% or the Ogden rate expected to be earned by the claimant through investment interest. This would then give them the full pay out they were due.… Read More

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Film Directors – Direct the Money Before the Money Directs You

Most Film Directors have elected to stay away from film budgets and production costs. The heavy grinding SHOULD be left to accountants – but, let’s lay it on the table:

The Film Director is at the helm of a big money-burning machine. It is the Film Director’s job to produce his/her vision of the script – on time and on budget. At his service is a team of film production experts (the Line Producer, Unit Production Manager, the AD team, Production Accountant, etc.) all there to assist the Film Director to do just that.

Film Directors make it their business to understand the basic functions of on-set filmmaking, without being able to fully light a set, or operate a crane, or focus a steadicam. In the same spirit, the Film Director must understand the basics of Budgeting and the extremely important Weekly Cost Reporting process. Every creative decision involves money. … Read More

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