Biden Plugs ‘A New Health Insurance Option,’ Expanded Medicaid/Medicare

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks at a drive-in rally in Miramar, Florida on October 13, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

( – Democrat Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats rail against President Trump and Republicans for wanting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, with its high premiums and co-pays and limited options for millions of Americans.

But even Biden isn’t satisfied with the law as it now stands.

At a campaign stop in Miramar, Florida on Tuesday, Biden urged a larger role for government in Americans’ health insurance coverage, including bigger subsidies and expanded Medicaid/Medicare:

“Together, we’ll build on the Affordable Care Act by adding–by adding a new health insurance option, a not-for-profit option, to give private insurers a real competitor,” Biden said.

“We’ll increase (government) subsidies so premiums are lower cost to get more coverage, lower deductibles, lower out-of-pocket expenses.

“And by the

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Biden leads in Arizona as suburban women abandon Trump

Call it their fail-safe option.

If Joe Biden were to lose a critical Midwest battleground like Michigan or Wisconsin, Democrats are counting on Arizona to bail him out, acting as a potential replacement state with enough electoral power to prevent President Donald Trump’s re-election.

After Trump carried this emerging swing state by just over 91,000 votes four years ago, some Republicans are now already bracing for a defeat that could “cut deeply down the ballot,” as one GOP aide in state government put it.

With early voting now underway and Democrats consistently tracking Biden with a 3-to-4 point lead, the Trump campaign is planning additional visits here from the ticket as soon as this week, attempting to salvage a reliably red bastion as suburban women are turning away from the GOP in droves.

“It’s fairly close. If anybody has a slight polling advantage it would be Biden,” said Constantin

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Goldman Strategists Say Sell Dollar on Biden Odds, Vaccine

(Bloomberg) — The dollar may tumble to its lows of 2018 on the rising likelihood of Joe Biden winning the U.S. election and progress on a coronavirus vaccine, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

“The risks are skewed toward dollar weakness, and we see relatively low odds of the most dollar-positive outcome — a win by Mr. Trump combined with a meaningful vaccine delay,” strategists including Zach Pandl wrote in a note Friday. “A ‘blue wave’ U.S. election and favorable news on the vaccine timeline could return the trade-weighted dollar and DXY index to their 2018 lows.”

chart, histogram: Hedge funds turned bearish on the greenback for first time since 2018 in August

© Bloomberg
Hedge funds turned bearish on the greenback for first time since 2018 in August

The ICE U.S. Dollar Index has fallen more than 3% so far this year — trading just over the 93 level on Monday — as investors reacted to unprecedented pandemic-related monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve and

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These Zip Codes Are Donating the Most Money to Joe Biden

The 2020 presidential election is rapidly approaching, with both Democratic challenger Joe Biden and Republican incumbent President Donald J. Trump fighting for every available campaign dollar. Each candidate has received total contributions in the neighborhood of $1 billion.

To find out which of the country’s 42,000 zip codes have donated the most money to Joe Biden over the past two years, Stacker analyzed Federal Election Commission records from Jan. 1, 2019-July 31, 2020, released in August, to compile a list of the top 50. Each zip code is ranked by its total donation amount to the Biden for President campaign committee. Only FEC-processed records from unique individuals, as opposed to outside groups or committees, were considered. Slides also include the number of donations made toward Biden’s campaign in that zip code, and the total state donations to the campaign.

Zip codes donating the most money to Joe Biden
Sean Rayford / Getty Images

The top 50 zip codes that

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Dollar Dips on Stimulus Optimism, Bets on Biden Victory | Investing News

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The dollar fell to three-week lows on Friday on optimism that a deal for new U.S. stimulus would be reached, and as investors bet that Democrat Joe Biden is more likely to win the U.S. presidency and offer a larger economic package.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she would resume talks on a possible COVID-19 stimulus package with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday, while Senate Republicans voiced doubts that a deal can be reached before the Nov. 3 election.

Republican President Donald Trump, who initially withdrew from the negotiations this week only to regain interest in forging a bipartisan accord, said he was open to a larger deal.

“It seems like, at least in the White House, there is more of a sense of urgency that it needs to be done,” said Bipan Rai, North American head of FX strategy at CIBC Capital Markets

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Kamala Harris cheers Wall Street support as big-money donors line up for Biden

America’s biggest financial institutions are backing Democratic nominee Joe Biden, banking on a “blue wave” to boost the economy, a message that Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, touted during Wednesday night’s debate.

“Joe Biden’s economic plan, Moody’s — which is a reputable Wall Street firm — has said will create 7 million more jobs than Donald Trump’s,” Harris said as she faced off against incumbent Mike Pence.


Despite Biden’s promises to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy and regulate banks more tightly, he has raked in five times as much as Trump in donations from the securities and investment industry, with an eye-popping sum of $51.1 million. The incumbent has garnered just $10.5 million, according to 

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Joe Biden slams Trump for ‘reckless personal conduct’ since COVID-19 diagnosis

Joseph R. Biden’s sympathy for a COVID-stricken President Trump is apparently over.

Mr. Biden on Friday condemned Mr. Trump for “reckless” personal conduct after the president’s diagnosis, a week after Mr. Biden’s campaign said they were temporarily suspending negative ads in light of Mr. Trump’s testing positive for the coronavirus.

“His reckless personal conduct since his diagnosis, the destabilizing effect it’s having in our government is unconscionable,” Mr. Biden said while campaigning in Nevada.

“He didn’t take the necessary precautions to protect himself or others,” said Mr. Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee. “And the longer Donald Trump is president, the more reckless he gets. How can we trust him to protect this country?”

Mr. Trump was hospitalized from last Friday until Monday after testing positive.

The president took a short drive on Sunday to wave to supporters outside of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The president has also been

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Big business CEOs give Trump 5 times as much money as Biden

Top CEOs have doled out nearly $2.5 million to fill the reelection coffers of President Trump and other Republican candidates, donating nearly five times as much to pro-Trump super PACs and the Republican National Committee as to Democratic opponent Joe Biden.


The money comes from 15 top executives from the S&P 500. The top donor is Jeffrey Sprecher of Intercontinental Exchange, whose wife, Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, is battling to keep her seat in Congress. Sprecher spent over $1.2 million, giving to GOP PACS America First Action, Trump Victory and Donald J. Trump for President, according to a data analysis by Market

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Trump raised 5 times as much money from America’s top CEOs as Biden


timeline: S&P 500 chief executives have combined to give more money to Trump’s campaign than Biden’s, even as the Democratic challenger has more S&P CEOs as donors.

S&P 500 chief executives have combined to give more money to Trump’s campaign than Biden’s, even as the Democratic challenger has more S&P CEOs as donors.

As the Nov. 3 election sparks record campaign contributions, the CEOs of S&P 500 companies are helping to fund the war chests of President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden, while also contributing to other Republican and Democratic politicians.

In their political giving as individuals, these chief executives have combined to give more to Trump than Biden. Some 15 CEOs whose companies are components of the S&P 500 (SPX) have donated a total of $2.489 million to Trump’s principal campaign committee, its joint fundraising groups with the Republican National Committee or pro-Trump super PACs.

Meanwhile, 30 chief execs have contributed $536,100 to Biden’s main campaign committee, its joint groups with the Democratic National Committee or pro-Biden super PACs. These figures come from

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How a Biden presidency may lead to increased supply in the oil market

An off-shore oil platform off the coast in Huntington Beach on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Leonard Ortiz | MediaNews Group | Orange County Register | Getty Images

SINGAPORE — A Biden presidency could bring 1 million barrels per day of Iranian oil back into the market, but lead to lower demand in the long run, an economist said this week.

That’s because Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is likely to reestablish relations with Tehran if he is elected, but introduce environmental policies that limit U.S. oil and gas, said David Fyfe of Argus Media.

“Arguably, a Biden presidency would move fairly rapidly toward some sort of rapprochement with Iran,” he told CNBC’s “Capital Connection” on Friday.

“That of course could lead to maybe up to a million barrels a day of Iranian oil coming back onto the market,” he said. “It might not happen immediately, but you could see that

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