We Like Our Health Insurance And Working From Home

Jan Dubauskas is the Vice President of Healthinsurance.com.

We have experienced a lot of change throughout the course of the pandemic that has required us to reconsider our priorities and become nimble in the way we work and how we reach out to our clients. Many were skeptical that these changes would lead to similar productivity. However, as we prioritize our health during the pandemic, working from home has become important, and many (24%, according to CNBC) have adapted so well that they want to keep doing it.

When we first started working from home, the primary concern for many was to set up an office, retain camaraderie, and continue meeting with clients. During the spring, as I watched as annual springtime conferences got canceled or sent to an online format, I keenly felt the void previously filled by those intense social interactions. It seemed that with a bit

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How “the most powerful woman on Wall Street” is working to close the gender wealth gap

A women-run company led by investing titan Sallie Krawcheck, known as “the most powerful woman on Wall Street,” is taking on the ambitious role of narrowing the gender wealth gap.

“There have been two big drivers of wealth in our country: one of which has been real estate, which people of color have been redlined out of, the other of which has been investing,” Krawcheck told CBS News’ Michelle Miller. “And women and people of color have been kept out from that.”

The gender wage gap between men and women in the U.S. has been the subject of debate and countless campaigns for equality, and that wage gap is even steeper for women of color. That wage gap, coupled with women taking more time out of their careers to care for children and investing less than men, means that even women who successfully saved for retirement could find themselves

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Microsoft’s Brand Chief on Working With the NFL During Covid

Microsoft Corp.

has relied on the National Football League’s mass audiences since it became a sponsor in 2013. This year, the coronavirus pandemic left the company wondering whether there would be an NFL season at all.

Now that the season is under way even as the pandemic continues, Microsoft is coming out with a humorous ad campaign tied to the NFL that it hopes will offer consumers a sense of normalcy.

A new commercial shows New Orleans Saints players using Microsoft Teams and Surface products to remotely give rookies advice on their fashion choices and touchdown dances.

Microsoft Chief Brand Officer Kathleen Hall talked to The Wall Street Journal about working with the NFL in the early days of the pandemic and the challenge of striking the right tone at a highly fraught time. The interview has been condensed and edited.

WSJ: When the pandemic struck, how did the NFL

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Avetta Suppliers Working with Towergate Insurance Brokers to Offer the Best Advice Backed by Quality Insurance Programmes at a Competitive Price

OREM, Utah & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avetta®, the leading provider of supply chain risk management, can now provide access to suppliers insurance cover from Towergate Insurance Brokers in the Avetta Marketplace™. Towergate offers more than 80 insurance programmes—from care and medical to liability and trade—to meet almost any insurance need. Towergate employs 1,800 staff members to provide premium advice, service and support nationwide.

“UK suppliers serving the supply chain industry now have one place to get all of their insurance needs at a competitive price for the risk,” said Richard Parke, SVP Supplier Services at Avetta. “The Avetta Marketplace provides both value and convenience. Suppliers using the Marketplace know they are getting services matched to their needs at significant savings. And, clients using companies in their supply chains know they are receiving the best risk management and insurance-related services to protect them.”

Towergate works with the UK’s leading insurers so

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How To Start a Wood Working Business From Your Garage

Starting a woodworking business from your home could be an excellent way to earn an income. With right business plan and woodworking training system you could reach your financial goals with little or no woodworking skills.

As we all know financial times are tough in many areas of Canada and The USA. Their seems to be no stability working for various companies. Even if you employed the income you receive is poor. Consider starting a home based business that will create products that you can sell with very little effort. This home based business will be fun and easy to start.

Consider starting a business constructing and selling wooden furniture. Many people are often interested in purchasing wooden furniture for their homes. Good quality wooden furniture always has a way of being sold. Home owners will pay top money for this type of furnishing. This type of furnishing looks good … Read More

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